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ASI Tested and Approved

The Perfect All-In-One Portable Companion for Connection Magic, Bridge, and File Sharing


*Note: Storage backup requires a compatible SD Card, SSD/HDD, or Flash/Thumb Drive etc (not included) be plugged into the router.

  • Stream music, photos, videos, browse documents but also transfer files mutually between SD Card, SSD/HDD and your device.(Must hold the power button for 5s until wifi LED light on to turn on filehub)
  • Upgraded with 300Mbps Wi-Fi speed on 2.4GHz band and up to 433 Mbps on 5GHz. Instantly convert a wired network to private and share Internet access with multiple Wi-Fi devices via AP Mode/Router Mode/Bridge(Not Support VPN )
  • Upload your SD card-stored photos or video to your hard disk or flash drive easily with 12-18 MB/s on Data Transfer Speed without computer. (Must hold the power button for 5s until wifi LED light on to turn on filehub)
  • Seamlessly share with your families, friends and stream your videos, photos, and music on your connected smartphones, tablets, TVs, media players, Chromecast, Roku, and other DLNA devices, via App or Web.(5 devices allowed)
  • Automatically back up your latest photos and videos to attached SD Card or HDD directly through our RAVPower FileHub via in-app camera. (Please make sure you have connected the wifi of RP-WD009 in 10m)



Filehub: Data Transfer Redefined

Discover file sharing free from hassle with RAVPower’s forward-thinking tool – the Filehub. Ready to seamlessly back up media files from your phone, and share WiFi with your family and friends at the same time.

Wireless Data Transfer and Backup Anywhere

Transfer your photos, videos, music, and documents between SD cards, USB flash drives, external hard drives and smart devices including your phone, tablet, and laptop, without the need of Internet connection, whilst as a travel router.

* Ways to transfer files: SD Card -> HDD / Flash Drive (one-key backup) Flash Drive / SD Card / HDD / SSD -> Phone / iPad / Laptop

* 3 network modes: bridge, access point, and router.

Note: 5 GHz frequency does not support the bridge mode.

  • Connect a USB hard drive to your phones, tablets, laptops.
  • Support to connect up to 5 phone tablet or laptops simultaneously.
  • Support up to 3TB hard drive.
  • 2.4GHz & 5.8 GHz dual band
  • Transmission speed: 12-18 MB/s
  • Upload your SD card-stored files to HDD without computer
  • Travel router, create a private network with family and friends
  • Samba 2.0, support Chromecast, Roku, and other DLNA devices






Wireless File Access

Connect a USB hard drive, SD card, and flash drive to your phone, tablet, and laptop by the dedicated app or just webpage

Note: Must hold the power button until the wifi icon LED light so you can find the wifi signal.

Support connecting a USB hub with 4 storage devices at most.

Support 3TB HDD / SSD.

Dual Band Connection

Create a secure Wi-Fi hotspot to share with family and friends, regardless of Internet access

Wireless transmission speed: 2.4GHz: about 4-8 MB/s 5GHz: about 8-12 MB/s

Note: Must hold the power button until the wifi icon LED light so you can find the wifi signal.

App or App Free

Access your external storages, edit or tranfer files via the dedicated Filehub Plus app or just a webpage, conveniently share media files or other documents app free.

Note: Must hold the power button until the wifi icon LED light so you can find the wifi signal.

Differentiated Data Access

Data encryption enhanced by setting up login as Admin or guest users.

Note: Must hold the power button until the wifi icon LED light so you can find the wifi signal.






Simultaneous Multi-Device Access

Supports 5 smart devices for storage data access and transfer at one time

Notice: Please switch to 5GHz to watch HD video and transfer large files.

You can turn on 2.4Ghz and 5GHz at the same time.

DLNA Media Stream & Share

Stream videos from the connected USB storage to your TV screen and more through wireless network.

How to connect to TV Fire Stick

1. Turn on RP-WD009

2. TV fire stick connected with TV via HDMI port.

3. Use your TV fire stick to connect the WiFi of RP-WD009.

4. Make sure your movies on share folder of connected HDD

5. Star to play video meanwhile you can use app RAV Filehub on your phone to connect Internet so you can surf the Internet and also watch TV and connect your HDD.

Note: 1. The TV Fire Stick must support WiFi and only your TV fire stick support 5G so it can play 4K video.

2. The movies you want to play must place on share folder of connected HDD.

Wireless Travel Router

Router Mode

When connected to a DSL or cable modem, it works as a regular router.

Bridge Mode

Connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and broadcast it as a new wireless signal.

Note: On bridge mode, the wifi speed the half of the original network speed. 5 GHz Radio Frequency not support Bridge Mode

AP Mode (Wired -> Wireless)

Plug in an Ethernet cable and it will take a wired signal and turn it wireless.

Logging into the Filehub network & has internet access and also able to access all the files on the external hard drive. (Change the logging password to set Admin and Guest users, Guest users only allow to access some folders)

3-in-1 Data Helper

Combines wireless data sharing, travel router, and power bank for your convenience and confidence anywhere, anytime

Product description

3.8 x 2.1 x 1.1 inches