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Instructor: Julie Samford
Dates Recorded
Part 1: August 26, 2020 | 7:30-9:00 pm Eastern
Part 2: August 27, 2020 | 7:30-9:00 pm Eastern
CEUs: 3 hours total or .3 CE credits (***plus optional BONUS material)
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Earn a certificate that sets you apart as a Pandemic Terminology Specialist!

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Are you prepared for the enormous opportunity that is fast approaching, the inevitable wave of coronavirus litigation? The sudden upheaval of society at large has already resulted in over 4000 complaints filed in federal and state courts.

We want to arm you with the very best resources and most critical knowledge to go confidently into the next phase of the legal industry. We've got this!

Do you have these drugs in your dictionary? We'll show you how to add everything you need for realtime prep in MINUTES, not hours.

Calquence (acalabrutinib)
Xeljanz (tofacitinib)
Jakafi (ruxolitinib)
Olumiant (baricitinib)
Kineret (anakinra)
Ilaris (canakinumab)
Otezla (apremilast)

If you have a nursing home case coming up tomorrow, do you know how to quickly and easily get the names and COVID-19 stats of local and state facilities into your job dictionary?

Julie will show you how to effortlessly scan other reporters' transcripts from months of testimony to find words that are a possible conflict or are missing from your dictionary. Would that be helpful?

Then she will show you how to add huge lists of words and phrases in under 15 minutes using a fabulous and little-known feature in Eclipse.

Learn how to easily grab proper names, medications and phrases from news articles online, PDFs, any written material and turn that into a job dictionary in record time.

Master the art of building a quality pandemic job dictionary that can be used forever. We will go over merging dictionaries from multiple jobs into one, how to save helpful AutoBriefs from any job to use again, setting up a default job dictionary to use for each coronavirus case and using lists and dictionaries from reporters on another software program.

You will be given a terminology list to get the momentum started. You will also have access to a Dropbox folder to use as resource to share terminology and spellings as we move into the future and new terms are introduced.


Julie will walk you through everything in detail to make sure you know EXACTLY how to do this. And the handout will be something you can refer to when you need it. These skills will save you tons of time and will keep you on top of the game as you navigate our rapidly changing profession.

Upon completion of the two-part course and passing a quiz, you will receive a certificate that recognizes you as a Pandemic Terminology Specialist. You are ready for anything that comes next!


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This Pandemic Terminology Specialist Training Webinar has been submitted to NCRA for pre-qualification. We will have a quiz available following the webinar, and your certificate of attendance will be emailed to you immediately after taking the quiz. You will know the answers in advance, so don't worry about passing! If you need NCRA credits, you will just need to submit your certificate and a fee payable to NCRA. Please ensure that you submit any credit requests to your state organization in a timely manner. We have not submitted this course to any state for approval. Thank you!



In Part 1, we covered how to get the text from online articles into Eclipse to be scanned to see what words you don't have in your dictionary at all and what might be a conflict with something in a job dictionary. Julie Samford made sure you know where to put them when you download so you don't have to hunt for the info later.

We learned how to turn PDFs that were created from an image or for some reason are not scannable into editable text (in 46 languages). How to take a pic with your phone of a doctor's record or an exhibit and automatically turn it into a word list you can use.

We got the official spreadsheet of 165 coronavirus vaccine candidates, and Julie went over exactly how to convert it so that you can grab the columns that list pharmaceutical companies and drug names to put in your dictionary and ignore the rest of the info.

Julie provided and used a list of 200 pandemic related words and scanned it in Eclipse to see what she needed to put in her dictionary to be prepared for COVID-19 litigation.

We walked through two websites that share nursing home names and COVID data from federal and state governments.

We shared several sites that are a great resource for new drugs being used and tons of acronyms and abbreviations and showed you exactly how to grab only what you need for your job dictionary.

We showed reporters how to access a Dropbox folder Julie set up for us to share briefs, word lists, job dictionaries, helpful articles, etc., going into the future, because the information we have today is certainly not everything we will need to know going forward.Oh, and if Julie has been reporting on a COVID-19 case for six months and now she's headed to Mexico and you're going in tomorrow, how to easily scan her 300 transcripts in Eclipse to get every single name, word and phrase that you don't have in your dictionary. You don't have to look through even one of her transcripts and search for words. It's all automatic.

In Part 2, Julie went over detailed instructions for adding a list of words quickly and easily into any Eclipse dictionary, whether you are hooked up in realtime or not.  We learned how and when to set up a default job dictionary.  We learned the exact hierarchy of all dictionaries and their designation in the list as used in translation or not, as well as how and why you may want to select a numbered user dictionary as your COVID-19 database of entries instead.

We were shown several options for selecting entries from multiple job dictionaries to add into a coronavirus dictionary, as well as options to add an entire job dictionary and what steps you'd need to take to weed out any unwanted AutoBriefs before doing so.

Julie went over how to apply globals to any job, how to unglobal any entry and also unmerge a dictionary.  She showed us how and when to put comments in a dictionary entry.  

Then we learned how to save entries from a speaker list to a job dictionary so that they don't have to be defined again in the next job.  

We went over what to check in user settings so that you can always see on your screen what dictionary any translated word came from, and how to easily edit that entry if needed.

We covered all of that and more, but if you missed it and would like to sign up, it's not too late! You can register now and watch the recordings any time you'd like.  

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Julie Samford

Julie Samford is a former court reporter, licensed in Texas and Louisiana. She has worked in the reporting industry for 30 years. Julie has been doing software and technology training for Advantage Software for 20 years and is a certified advanced group trainer for Eclipse.

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