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After updating please double check your key registrations and make adjustments as necessary before returning the writer to normal service.   If you have any questions or desire assistance please do not hesitate to call tech support at (800)800-1759.


To install an update to the Passport's application software:

1. Copy the update file, passport.upd, to an external media device such as a SD card, Compact Flash card, or a USB flash drive.

2. Make sure that the writer is turned off.

3. Insert the external media device into the writer.

4. Turn the writer on.

This procedure will reprogram the writer's on board flash memory with the new Passport application software. The update will take approximately 30 seconds to install during which the LCD display will appear blank except for a very brief progress indicator. Once the update installation has completed, the writer will restart, and be ready for use. Please double check your key registrations and make adjustments as necessary before returning the writer to normal service. As part of the process, the Passport update file is automatically deleted from the external media device.


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Filename DescriptionSizeDate Uploaded
passport.updPassport Update 2.02.0044183.78 KBOct 09, 2014
Passport Manual v2.02 3-12.pdfPassport User Manual14.99 MBMar 29, 2012
Passport USB Driver Setup.exePassport USB Drivers652.83 KBAug 23, 2011
Installing Passport USB Drivers.pdfGuide to Installing Passport USB Drivers612.35 KBAug 23, 2011
keydiag.zipPassport keyboard diagnostic utility.816.67 KBMay 08, 2013
Passport Dictionary Utility User Guide.pdfPassport Dictionary Utility User Guide611.11 KBAug 23, 2011
PassportDictUtil.exeThis stand alone utility allows one to convert to and from RTF and PDX files on their personal computer.381.00 KBAug 23, 2011
PassportChanges - release.txtRelease notes for Passport update version 2.02.0064104.47 KBOct 25, 2012
nk.binPlease do not download unless instructed to do so by tech support.15.15 MBSep 08, 2011
passport.updPassport update version 2.02.0064185.68 KBOct 25, 2012
passport - German.updGerman language version. Note: One must rename file to passport.upd before installing.185.58 KBMar 21, 2012
StenoMagic.dixEclipse dictionary entries for use with Passport StenoMagic Keys422 bytesAug 28, 2013