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EclipseVox (includes both steno and voice)

The legendary magic of Eclipse - optimized for voice writers.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is considered by many to be the most accurate and reliable speech-recognition product available. But it has been too slow for CART, captioning, courtroom realtime, or any other application where fast results are required. Kiss those slow days goodbye! 

No drop-down delay. No results box. No pausing.

BONUS! Includes Bettye Keye's Realtime Voice Writing Materials ($299 value)

EclipseVox requires off-the-shelf Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.5 or above (not included). For optimum performance, version 15 or above is strongly recommended. Windows 11 users should use Dragon 16.

Software sales may be subject to sales tax depending upon your location.

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All Software purchased from Advantage Software includes 1 Year of unlimited updates and unlimited UNMATCHED toll-free, 24-hour support (365 days per year).

Hardware & Operating System Recommendations:

Eclipse & AccuCap: We recommend computers running Windows 10 Professional or above at 3 GHz or above, with at least 8 gigabytes of RAM. An i5 processor or above is recommended. The faster the processor, the better. The more RAM, the better. Multiple USB ports are preferred. A serial port or serial adapter (PC card or USB) may be required for realtime connection to older stenographic writers.

EclipseVox & AccuCap Vox: Our Vox products require powerful computers for optimum performance. We recommend an i7 processor running at 3.5 GHz or above, 16 or more gigabytes of RAM, a solid-state hard disk (SSD), Dragon 15, and configuration by an expert. Processes should be kept to a minimum.


Mac Users: Eclipse REQUIRES Macs with an Intel i5 or i7 processor with at least 8GB of RAM. 

Eclipse will run on a Mac with Windows 10, in conjunction with either Boot Camp and/or Parallels.  However, we recommend using Boot Camp as it would be no different than running Windows on any other laptop, as it boots up separately.

While Parallels is a great program, we do not recommend using Eclipse with it.  Running Parallels requires that your computer is running 2 different operating systems at the same time (Windows OS & Mac OS), which is very resource intensive. Through intensive testing we have found Parallels to freeze unexpectedly, problems with writer connectivity, and problems using plug & play devices (i.e. external mouse).  In a nutshell, using Parallels will probably cause problems that are beyond our control.

M1 Macs are not compatible with Eclipse as they are not capable of running x86-based operating systems.

Advantage Software Laptops

When you purchase laptops from Advantage Software, you are assured of top-quality, business-class laptops with three-year manufacturer’s warranties. At Advantage Software, we give you the kind of personal attention you deserve. Computers are delivered with your software and personal files already installed. Before your system goes out the door, it is rigorously tested, burned in for at least 48 hours, and optimized for maximum performance with our products. In the unlikely event you experience problems with hardware purchased through Advantage Software, we will intervene with the manufacturer on your behalf to the best of our ability.

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Third-Party Laptops

Most laptops purchased through third parties are consumer-class products. If you purchase your laptop elsewhere, be sure to confirm that it is a business-class computer. Please bear in mind that computer configuration is not included in the price of your software. Should you choose to provide your own laptop, it is important that you choose a reputable, full-service computer dealer, since you and your hardware vendor will be responsible for properly configuring your laptop and operating system. You may optionally choose to have Advantage Software configure your computer for you. The cost is $289 for Eclipse or AccuCap, and $389 for EclipseVox or AccuCap Vox. Return shipping by ground is included within the Continental United States.


When you install Eclipse, call the Advantage Software administrative department and they will email you a license number. After you enter the license number into your system, it is stored permanently. You can install on as many different computers as you like. Once this keyless license is activated, you can always use Eclipse without a key as long as you have an Internet connection available.

If you run Eclipse on one system with the same license that is currently in use on another system, the other system will be suspended. For example, if you are working in your office and you leave Eclipse running and go into the courtroom, as soon as you run Eclipse in the courtroom, the copy of Eclipse in your office will be suspended.

If you do not have an Internet connection available, you can still use Eclipse off-line for up to two weeks. You will be given countdown warnings within three days of the expiration of the off-line access. As soon as you run Eclipse at all, even for a few seconds, with an Internet connection available, it will reset the off-line access for another two weeks.

If the system discovers that the same license has been getting significant use on multiple computers simultaneously while off-line (avoiding the automatic suspension) the off-line capability will automatically be disabled, and you will then have to have Internet available to run Eclipse. Note that it does not disable the license entirely, just the offline capability. You will have to contact the Advantage Software staff to restore off-line capability.

IMPORTANT: If you are using a keyless license on a computer that is shared among multiple users, EACH user MUST use a different Windows user account. If several reporters in a courthouse share a single computer in a courtroom, for example, even though they have separate computers in their offices, that is currently possible by allowing each individual user to bring their hardware key with them to plug into the courtroom computer. The keyless license is associated with the current Windows user, so each user of a shared computer MUST have a separate Windows user account, and must log in when using Eclipse on that computer. This is the only way to prevent accidental license violations or disruptions if a user attempts to use the shared computer while it's associated with another user's keyless license.

What if you don't ever have Internet access available on a particular computer, even if it's only for five seconds once every two weeks? Then keep using the hardware key.

Can you mix and match the hardware key and keyless versions? Not with the same license. A single copy of Eclipse can either be keyed or keyless, but not both. For the testing period, testers will be permitted to keep both, but that will only be for a short time.

The Help menu | About Eclipse... dialog will give you information about the status of your license: If you see a capital "O" that indicates that the license is only usable on-line. That is, you cannot use the license unless you have an Internet connection available. This should only happen if the system detects some sort of license violation. If you are working offline, which is normally permitted, you will see a capital "F" indicating that the system is running offline and was not able to contact the license management server. In this case, the dialog will also give an indication such as (48 hours) telling you how much longer you can use the key while offline before you have to run Eclipse while you have access to the Internet in order to re-validate the license.

Here's what leading Voicewriters are saying about the NEW Eclipse Vox!

Bettye Keyes, CCR, CSR, CVR, RVR
Founder Renowned Author of Voicewriting Method w/SpeedMaster
Founder of Realtime University

"Eclipse Vox was an amazing discovery for me. It can actually make the correct word selections when speech engines don’t. That aspect of it saves you a lot of time and trouble. Another wonderful thing about this program is it’s for everyone, novices and advanced realtime writers alike. Because of its simple user interface, you don’t have to learn everything it can do before you derive benefit."And now with the special programming included in the latest version being released, Eclipse Vox™ delivers even more than the best accuracy performance around. 2009 marks the year of a truly remarkable technological breakthrough that no one could have guessed was even possible to accomplish with CAT software development: Eclipse Vox™ has actually solved the text drop-down problem Dragon users face. To say that Eclipse Vox™ merely improves Dragon's speed would be an understatement. For the first time in voice writing history, we experience no lag in realtime. Yes, you heard me, "no lag"!  ??"The best realtime accuracy combined with the best speed performance?! Wow!!! The new Eclipse Vox™ is nothing short of a miracle. I don't know what else to say about it, except that Eclipse Vox™ is the best realtime voice writing product there is, and that's the bold truth!


Jim Bouck, CCR, CSR, PSSC, CVR, CM, RVR 
 Official Reporter in the Circuit Court of Missouri, and the first voice writer ever to be awarded NVRA's coveted Realtime Verbatim Certificate 

"The voicewriting revolution has begun. If you have ever become exasperated trying to wring one more percentage point of accuracy out of Via Voice or if you have ever wanted to give Dragon a kick in the pants while waiting for text to flow to your realtime screen, your troubles are over. And if you have just been waiting for the perfect moment to make realtime a part of your reporting career, your dreams have come true.

Together, Eclipse Vox and Dragon, already the best in the world at what they do independently, have truly revolutionized voicewriting, and put the wonder back into speech-recognition realtime again.  Not since the first time I saw my words flow onto a computer screen or received that first-ever RVR certification have I been so excited about the state of our profession’s technology. Within five minutes of dictating my first words into Eclipse Vox, I knew our world had changed forever.

The instant flow of text to the screen coupled with the artificial intelligence of Eclipse has created a whole new world of possibilities for the voicewriting community. The software you’ve been waiting for is here. So whether your interest is in official or freelance reporting, captioning or CART, please join me in taking advantage of the new Eclipse Vox and all of its wonderful tools, and let’s revel in the possibilities."