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Presenter: Julie Samford
Looking to learn what's new in Version 9?  You're in the right place!
BONUS! Pre-Recorded Automatic Indexing from the Hot Topics Webinar
CEUs Available:  .7 CEU (7 hours) Five hours of new material PLUS free bonus - two hours of previously recorded automatic indexing training.
Dates Recorded: October 22nd & 30th, 2019​
Recording Access Exp: N/A
You will have at least 90 days to watch this webinar, if not longer.

You don't want to miss out on this very important training!  Here's why:


Would you like to be able to have a graphic on your phone or computer that the attorneys could point their tablets to and instantly be taken to the URL to connect in realtime?


How about a code that you could print on the title page of transcripts that would take your client to a Dropbox folder containing all of the transcripts from a certain case?


Or how about printing a small square ink blob out on the front page of the exhibit volume that would take your clients to a digital version online?  Or a easily scannable code that would take attorneys directly to the booking page on your website?


Learn to do all of this and more with Eclipse's new QR code generator.  We will go over in detail how to set it up, how to share it, how to absolutely knock the socks off your clients with your technological prowess.  (Don't tell them it was super easy!)


Can you imagine having the ability to write in English and have Eclipse simultaneously output the text into multiple languages using Google Translate?  You will be the superstar at any conference or event where attendees speaking a foreign language aren't provided with a live interpreter.  It's a cinch to set up in Version 9! 


Do you have a handful of conflicts in your dictionary that just never seem to resolve correctly?  Learn how to put in word associations rather than grammar rules for entries like “principal/principle.” We'll go over some common issues and tell you exactly what to put in where, and once you have the concept down, you can resolve any dictionary issues that ever come up.  This is all new with Eclipse 9 and the new word cloud feature.


While we're in your dictionary, Julie will walk you through making some small but important changes to entries with number triggers so that your numbers will be PERFECTION!  We'll put in the artificial intelligence manually in just a few steps and then lock the entry so it can never, ever choose incorrectly again.


Learn how to harness the power of Eclipse's new automatic proofreader. How did we ever find errors without this?  Make corrections in one easy step that you may not have even noticed, but the system is keeping an eye on things and making helpful suggestions when something seems off. 


Learn how to take out excerpts and separate files, keeping the audio intact with no extra work.  Hooray!


Version 9 has some important changes to recording and playing audio files. Get the scoop and master the use of multi-channel audio so you will know that you'll always be able to hear what was said with a crystal clear WAV file, even if it was an impossible job with noise and people speaking all at once.  You may not need this every day, but knowledge is power, and you must know how to use this when you find yourself in what would otherwise be a court reporting catastrophe. 


We'll teach you how to use Eclipse's new macro recorder.  You don't have to memorize all the steps when you want to create a shortcut. It's super easy now!  Functions that you perform in multiple steps constantly every day while editing and even in realtime can now be reduced to ONE shortcut key that you assign.  Do it once, record it... DONE!


Big changes in Bridge Mobile that will make your life so much easier.  Even more magic in Connection Magic Team Editing.  If you've not been using either of these, tune in to get the scoop and see how you can put these fantastic features to work for you to earn more money as a sought-after realtime hotshot and turn your everyday jobs around ten times faster.


Julie will go over what's new and awesome in AutoBrief options, editing, PDF and condensed transcripts.  Some of the fantastic features that were introduced in Version 8 that you may have skipped over that deserve another look, like how to wrap up ALL of your post-editing tasks like creating an ASCII, printing an index, generating a PDF, doing your condensed... all in one quick click that even attaches all of the docs to an email.  Such a huge timesaver!  


Spend five hours with us during the two live webinars, or watch the recording whenever you feel like it. Pause, rewind, replay as many times as you need.  Use the detailed handouts as your study guide and you will be able to achieve great things with this extremely empowering Eclipse training. 


CEUs Available:  .7 CEU (7 hours) Five hours of new material PLUS free bonus - two hours of previously recorded automatic indexing training.​
Attendees will be provided with the materials necessary to apply for points from the NCRA and NVRA. Attendees must pay any CEU fees required by their association.  
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