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Advantage Software Boost Box
(Preconfigured for Boost, Boost Flow, & Eclipse RSR)
* Eclipse Steno version 10 or higher is required.
** Boost minutes not included. To purchase minutes, please call 772-288-3266, Mon-Fri, 9 am - 6 pm ET.
*** An Ethernet port is needed on your computer for connection. If your computer lacks one, consider getting an adapter listed in the options below.

Unleash the power of realtime speech recognition without the need for a customized computer with an Advantage Software Boost Box. Simply connect the Boost Box to an Ethernet port with the included crossover cable, and follow the installation instructions.

The Speechmatics Enhanced software used for Boost, Boost Flow, and Eclipse RSR requires a specially-configured Windows laptop from Advantage Software or the addition of a Boost Box to your current computer. Because the Boost Box has been optimized exclusively for use with Boost, Boost Flow, and Eclipse RSR, only the Ethernet port is active. No internet connection is required.



Advantage Software (ASI) provides a one-year (12-month) limited warranty for the Boost Box. The warranty is limited to the original owner and starts on the purchase date, not the delivery date. If, due to manufacturing defects, the product cannot work as advertised, ASI will repair or replace the defective item. ASI will be responsible for all defective parts, labor, and replacement costs. The user will be responsible for all shipping and insurance costs.

Note: This warranty does not apply to any accidental damage caused by the user's negligence.

The warranty does not cover all damages caused by human factors, such as disassembly, misuse, falling, dropping, water ingress, unofficial firmware, software modification, or similar reasons for computers and their accessories.


*Boost Minutes are not included with the purchase of a Boost Box. To purchase minutes, please call 772-288-3266, Mon-Fri, 9 am - 6 pm ET.


Boost Bucket™ Pricing

Boost Minutes are required to take advantage of the Boost and Boost Flow features in Eclipse.

Boost Minutes enable usage of Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Speechmatics Enhanced models.

Google Cloud Speech-to-Text requires an internet connection.

Speechmatics Enhanced does not require an internet connection; we recommend a Boost Box for fast dropdown speed.

Use one or the other, or use them interchangeably.


Boost Auto Replenish 

With optional and easy Auto Replenish, you don't have to spend effort monitoring your Boost account.

You set up the rules one time, and we'll automatically check and reload your account weekly as necessary.

1. Select a Low Balance limit.

2. Select Boost Bucket A, B, C, or D.

3. Set up in 5 minutes with Account Services at (772)288-3266.

Set up, change, or cancel at any time by calling Account Services during regular office hours.