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Advantage Software Boost Box
(Preconfigured for Boost, Boost Flow, & Eclipse RSR)

Unleash the power of realtime speech recognition without the need for a customized computer with an Advantage Software Boost Box. Simply connect the Boost Box to an Ethernet port with the included crossover cable, and follow the installation instructions.

The Speechmatics Enhanced software used for Boost, Boost Flow, and Eclipse RSR requires a specially-configured Windows laptop from Advantage Software or the addition of a Boost Box to your current computer. Because the Boost Box has been optimized exclusively for use with Boost, Boost Flow, and Eclipse RSR, only the Ethernet port is active. No internet connection is required.

* Boost minutes are not included. To purchase minutes please call 772-288-3266 during regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 9 am to 6 pm ET.

** Ethernet port required. You will need an Ethernet port on the computer to which you intend to connect this. If your computer lacks an Ethernet port, you have the option to acquire an adapter listed below.