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Introducing the MuffleMitt – a specially tailored neoprene glove designed exclusively for TalkTech Steno SR Pro masks. Experience the remarkable reduction in noise as the MuffleMitt fits snugly over your mask, ensuring a perfect fit. Prepare to be astonished by the transformative difference it makes! Give it a try today and witness the MuffleMitt's exceptional performance firsthand!

* Mask not included.

This MuffleMitt is compatible with:

  • TalkTech Steno SR Pro-1

  • TalkTech Steno SR Pro-2


The following are answers to common questions we have been receiving about the MuffleMitt...

The MuffleMitt does not come with a hole punched in it where the end of the air release tube is on the mask. Most users say that having the end of the tube somewhat covered helps reduce the noise even more. They also say that the air flows through just fine without a hole in the MuffleMitt. But it is very easy to punch a hole in the appropriate place on the MuffleMitt if you find that there is too much back-pressure when you dictate. Or you can simply cut the bottom shorter where the mask wire comes out.

As for condensation collecting inside the mask and dripping from the bottom of it during long periods of dictation, there are two options:

  1. You may try periodically tilting the bottom of the mask away from your chin slightly as you breathe in. This releases some of the heat and moisture.


  2. A nursing pad may be put in the bottom of the mask. If that isn't enough, the bottom of the MuffleMitt is open and, being elastic, you can insert a cotton ball, tissue or other absorptive material to capture the condensation. Keep in mind that moisture collected by a nursing pad may build up and affect the performance of the microphone, therefore you should change the nursing pad periodically during long periods of dictation.