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Instructor: Julie Samford
CEUs: 5 hours total or .5 CE credits  There is an easy quiz to take on the same page as the recordings to earn your certificate of attendance.

NOTE: Earn 10 hours total or 1.0 CE credits if you do the entire Macro Madness series, and you may submit one application for all to NCRA.  This entire series has also been approved by the Texas board for CE credit.   Click here to register for Part 3 and Part 4.

Part 1 (2.5 hours or .25 CE credits): Previously recorded 12/29/2020 
Part 2 (2.5 hours or .25 CE credits): Previously recorded 01/05/2021 
Recordings are available for viewing immediately after purchase (login required) and will be available with unlimited viewing for at least 90 days from your date of purchase.

Let's end this crazy year with a bang! You don't even need to get dressed up for our end-of-the-year party... just wear your pajamas and roll up your sleeves to have Julie guide you through everything you always wanted to know about MACROS, including how to use them for EASY editing from the writer!


This is what you'll learn in Part 1:

  • How to copy the last sentence out of the answer and paste it into the question (when the attorney repeats what the witness says)
  • How to find the last untranslate and delete it
  • How to quickly scan back to an incorrect word and replace it with the correct translation
  • How to quickly scan back to one word you wrote incorrectly and replace it with two words
  • How to quickly fill in some testimony that you dropped for any reason, even if you've already closed the job, and have it translate perfectly and sync with audio
  • How to create a macro group to quickly insert four different types of comment lines while editing
  • How to quickly stitch the last word you wrote (when the witness spelled out a name)
  • How to do use the macro group that's already set up for you to copy/cut/paste/separate/write a section of highlighted text
  • How to easily put in a speed key so you can use the Google search macro
  • How to create a flawless macro from scratch using Macro Recorder
  • How to use the macro group that converts numbers into any number format 

Here's what we covered in Part 2:

  • How to use the filler macros to add in a block of text in realtime that you dropped for whatever reason, even after you have closed the job
  • How to set up and use keyboard macro to write directly to a Zoom caption box or chat
  • How to use keyboard macro to write realtime directly to almost any program with a blinking cursor
  • How to send prewritten blocks of text or scripts to Zoom if your judge always reads something into the record
  • How to utilize the super handy foot pedal macros
  • How to print out a list of all your keyboard commands, including the new keystrokes you've set up as macros
  • How to troubleshoot if a new macro doesn't work the first time you use it
  • How and when to use the keymode dictionary
  • How to use macros for Autobriefs
  • How to install and use a simple set of macros for editing from the writer using AutoMagic


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"Julie Samford, I just LOVE your webinars!

Even when I think oh I kind of know some of this stuff, BAM you teach me something new!

For one, do you know how many years I've been using my stitching alphabet or even the stitch/stitch but I had NO idea I could just write the word and then ST-CH?! Um, also how about find and change and fix last untranslate? Total game changers!

My main reason for signing up was to see if there were any tricks to doing realtime in Zoom since I've had to recently do that, but I'm learning so much more! Thanks for offering these webinars and helping us be the best court reporters we can be! I'm looking forward to part 2."

Angela Connolly

"It was a great session last night. I think I am pretty good with my macros, and I still picked up some fabulous tips.

Just goes to show you that you don't know what you don't know.

I encourage everyone who is interested to watch and learn. I can't wait to rewatch the recording when it's uploaded. I find I get the MOST bang for my buck in re: CEUs when it's software-related topics."

Allison Lewis Kimmel



Regarding the FIND and CHANGE Macro:

"Thank you so much for the class!   
I’ve been using the “June/Jane KHA*ENG” for the last couple of depositions, and I absolutely love it.   It’s amazing the amount of editing I can get done with just that one macro.    Even if that was the only thing I took away from the course, I’d say it was totally worth it.  I will be watching the second half this weekend.  I wasn't able to watch it live this week.  Thanks again!  I really loved the class. 

Cindy Magnussen, RDR, NV CCR 650