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Yearly Subscription: $250/Month (Billed Annually)

Monthly Subscription: $280/Month (Requires 3-Month Commitment)

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Globally recognized as the world’s leading transcript production software, Eclipse has earned the trust of thousands of reporters worldwide. Now Eclipse RSR brings the unmatched power of Eclipse to electronic reporting, dramatically increasing throughput.



With Eclipse RSR, skilled electronic reporters can send high-quality realtime text to judges, attorneys, and litigants. When expedited transcripts are required, Team Editing™ allows multiple people to work together on the same job simultaneously. Enhance the realtime experience with the option to discreetly conceal reporter notes and annotations, for a sleeker appearance. Our optional Bridge Mobile™ software ensures that client computers are instantly updated with edited text.



Eclipse RSR is compatible with all Advantage Software products, providing access to a large pool of workers skilled in transcript production, and facilitating cooperation regardless of input method. Fully-integrated Connectify software works with or without the Internet for easy connection with clients locally or worldwide.



Eclipse RSR is loaded with breakthrough features to increase accuracy, improve clarity, and save editing time. Selective audio mixing boosts recognition by letting you mute unnecessary channels while preserving masked data. Speaker diarization, colloquy mode, Q/A mode, by-lines, and punctuation are processed automatically. Hyperkey keyboard shortcuts and hundreds of specialized editing functions save innumerable keystrokes, while job dictionary support improves the accuracy of first drafts and realtime.



Work the way you want – online, offline, or both. Eclipse RSR uses Speechmatics, the most accurate and inclusive speech-to-text program ever developed, significantly reducing speech recognition errors across accents, dialects, and other sociodemographic factors. Because Speechmatics resides on your computer, delays are eliminated, and security is improved.



Hundreds of unique functions make Eclipse RSR the world’s most flexible and efficient electronic transcript production software, saving you time, increasing your efficiency, and helping you make more money. Advantage Software earned its reputation as the court reporting technology leader through the most progressive research and development in the industry. With new updates constantly available on our website, you can be confident that Eclipse RSR will remain state-of-the-art.



In today’s global market, 24-hour support isn’t good enough. Our unrivaled Anytime Support™ gives you fast access to our friendly technicians every hour of every day.



Q. Why should I choose Eclipse over another CAT system?


A. Innovation and Integration are the hallmarks of Eclipse CAT software. Eclipse was years ahead of the competition in creating features like intelligent prefix/suffix addition, intelligent conflict resolution, automatic number formatting, Global Magic (intelligent global suggestions), Auto-Brief (automatic realtime steno shortcuts), and Multi-Synch (up to 8 distinct channels of synchronized audio.)


While some of these features have been imitated with limited success, Eclipse continues to raise the bar with truly unique innovations like Translation Magic, AutoMagic, and Team Editing.  Only Eclipse allows multiple reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to edit a document at the same time, in real time or anytime a transcript has to be delivered super-fast. 


For steno that is not yet defined in the reporter's dictionary, the competition offers only basic phonetic translation that's limited to individual steno strokes; in contrast, Eclipse offers Translation Magic, which uses intelligent phonetics and dragged/dropped key rescue to make sense of multiple steno strokes for unexpected names and terms. No wonder Eclipse receives such high marks for the quality of its translation and has been used by so many NCRA realtime champions.


Since realtime transcription is so important to the future of our profession, Eclipse has led the way with the refresh technology found in Bridge PC and Bridge Mobile (for PC/Mac/Linux computers, iPads, and other portable devices), the CART window, AccuCap closed captioning, and YouTube captioning.


Editing, of course, is the most time-consuming part of a reporter's job, which is why Eclipse created AutoMagic. Each time you move your cursor, Eclipse offers as many as 10 context-appropriate choices that facilitate word replacement, spelling, dictionary building, punctuation, paragraphing, speaker identification, number formatting, Google searches, and much more. AutoMagic integrates years of innovation to make Eclipse easy to use and easy to learn.


Over 350 Visualizer movies that are integrated with the Help system


As Louise Becker said when she beat Mark Kislingbury as the NCRA realtime champion a few years ago: "Before switching to Eclipse, I had never even managed to qualify in the annual NCRA Realtime Contest. Three years later, I was the national realtime champion. The many advanced features in Eclipse, especially Translation Magic, helped put me over the top. Eclipse is, without question, the finest CAT software ever written"

NOTE:  Software sales may be subject to sales tax depending upon your location. Return Policy

All software purchased from Advantage Software includes 1 Year of unlimited updates and unlimited UNMATCHED toll-free, 24-hour support (365 days per year).



NOTE:  Software sales may be subject to sales tax depending upon your location. Return Policy

Unleash the power of realtime speech recognition without the need for a customized computer with an Advantage Software Boost Box. Simply connect the Boost Box to an Ethernet port with the included crossover cable, and follow the installation instructions.

The Speechmatics Enhanced software used for Boost, Boost Flow, and Eclipse RSR requires a specially-configured Windows laptop from Advantage Software or the addition of a Boost Box to your current computer. Because the Boost Box has been optimized exclusively for use with Boost, Boost Flow, and Eclipse RSR, only the Ethernet port is active. No internet connection is required.

Price: $449.00

An Ethernet port is needed on your computer for connection with the Boost Box. If your computer lacks one, you will need to get an adapter to connect it (should you choose to purchase).



Advantage Software (ASI) provides a one-year (12-month) limited warranty for the Boost Box. The warranty is limited to the original owner and starts on the purchase date, not the delivery date. If, due to manufacturing defects, the product cannot work as advertised, ASI will repair or replace the defective item. ASI will be responsible for all defective parts, labor, and replacement costs. The user will be responsible for all shipping and insurance costs.

Note: This warranty does not apply to any accidental damage caused by the user's negligence.

The warranty does not cover all damages caused by human factors, such as disassembly, misuse, falling, dropping, water ingress, unofficial firmware, software modification, or similar reasons for computers and their accessories.