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USB C to USB A OTG Adapter
The Small and Simple USB-C OTG Converter Use your USB-C phone, tablet or computer with your USB devices. Allows you to easily connect your USB-C phone to any device. 

Offers full speed USB syncing speed. 5 Gbps transfer speed is around 20 songs per second. 

Supremely Simple
Just plug the adapter's USB-C plug into your device and a cable into the adapter's USB port. No other hardware or software required. 

Multi-Device Compatibility
Works perfectly with USB-C phones and tablets as well as laptops and other devices.

  • USB 3.0 Superspeed Up to 5Gbps data transfer speed
  • High quality components ensures longer life span
  • Reversible USB-C connector that plugs in either way up. Compatible with Macbook Pro, Chromebook Pixel, ASUS Chromebook, Nexus 6P/5X, and other USB-C devices