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The NEW Martel HGM-2 is an upgraded version of the HGM-1 which includes an expanded pickup range of 75 feet as well as a battery tester BUILT INTO the microphone!

As the most powerful microphone on the market, the HGM-2 finally allows reporters to record what’s needed, i.e., the voices in the room, without the troublesome background noise. Made with computer recording in mind (Audiosync, Eclipse, StenoCAT, etc.) the HGM-2 will get you at least triple the audio pickup of the lesser microphones on the market. Most computers and tape recorders come with an inexpensive mic that will only pick up voices from a short range, as little as 2 to 3 feet. There are a number of reasons for this, most commonly a lack of power to the mic (no battery). If your mic doesn't use a battery, then it’s probably made for dictating (speaking within 2-3 feet of it). The HGM-2 utilizes a high-power battery which lasts 600 hours and the mic actually tracks voices up to 75 feet away while filtering out background noise such as air conditioning & paper shuffling. What makes the HGM-1 and HGM-2 mics so special is that they utilize a hearing aid IC chip to actively track the human voice, the only mic in the world to use this technology.Thanks to the super small size of the microphone, you can conceal it nearly anywhere.  Replacement batteries cost just $2.99.


  • Works with computers (Audiosync, Eclipse) & tape recorders
  • Built-in battery tester - NO MORE GUESSING!
  • 75-foot audio pickup range
  • Omni-directional pickup (360 degrees)
  • Tracks voices while filtering out background noise
  • 600-hour battery life
  • On & off Switch
  • 1/8" mic plug (fits almost all laptops & recorders)
  • 6-foot mic cable
  • Super small size for easy placement or concealment
  • Mic clip included for attaching to computer or table
  • 1-year warranty
Made by Martel