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Elite Court Reporter Microphone

The #1 Purchased USB Microphone for Court Reporters in the World. Over 33,003 Court Reporters have chosen Martel USB microphones which are designed and made in the USA.

Each HGM-USB is hand-built and tested with a 29-point evaluation system to ensure that it meets Martel’s high standard of quality.

  • USB powered
  • No sound card required
  • Plug and Play (No software or drivers to worry about)
  • Up to 45ft of pickup range
  • Omni-directional pick-up (Picks up sound in every direction)
  • 5-inch Tripod Stand included!

 Note:  This microphone is not Steno Machine compatible (PC only).


Don't ever worry about batteries again! Ok we already know that Martel's USB court reporter microphone is the best in the world. Here is the next step in court reporter microphone evolution. The HGMUSB is Windows 8, Windows 10 & all versions, XP 32 bit & 64 Bit compatible, Vista 32 bit & 64 and Also the new Windows 7 & Windows 8 32 bit & 64 Bit Compatible. The HGMUSB uses a hearing aid chip and other electronics to actively filter out back ground noises such as air conditioners and paper rustlers. If you are a court reporter you need the Hearing Aid IC chip filter to get rid of back ground noise and track human voices. Now you never have to worry about batteries running out on you during that important depo or murder case. Designed with the elite career court reporters day in mind, we have made the perfect Audio Sync laptop microphone.

The HGM-1 uses a hearing aid chip and other advanced technology to actively filter out background noise. Never worry about batteries running out on you again.  This microphone was designed with court reporters in mind and is ideal for audiosync recording.

Product Features

The HGM-USB has all the advantages of the original HGM-1, with the added advantage of running without batteries. The microphone records with impressive clarity, even without a high-end sound card.  The HGM-USB features 100% digital audio replication, and has a pick-up range of up to 45 Feet.

The Martel HGM-USB Digital court reporter microphone has a unique performance advantage:  Since the HGM-USB microphone is already sending a digital signal, you wont need to use your computer’s processor to change the audio signal to a digital signal. This frees up processing power to help run your CAT software more efficiently, especially in realtime.