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About 4 hours of video presentations PLUS .6 NCRA Continuing Education Units!

A comprehensive guide to Eclipse AccuCap for present and transitioning captioners.  Includes the AccuCap Kit, with dictionary supplementer and keyboard charts.  Extensively indexed for easy access to video presentations.

Please Note: All videos run from CD-ROM disks and can be played on your computer, even while Eclipse is being used.

How to get CEUs?  CLICK HERE

Tutorial Outline:
Audio/Visual Tips
How the Video Player Works
1. Adjusting User Settings
Basic User Settings
         Serial Ports
     Output Setup & Advanced User Settings
         Encoder Contact and Appearance of Captions
         Capturing Output in an ASCII file
         Prefixes and Suffixes
         Phonetic Translations (and Avoiding Obscenities)
         The Metadictionary
         Program & Metadictionary Improvements
         Macro Commands
2. Dictionary Management
     Converting & Testing Main or Job Dictionaries
     Dictionary Searches & Modifications
     AccuCap Dictionary Kit
         Install AccuCap Kit
               AccuCap Kit includes punctuation and paragraphing dictionary,
               bad words eliminator dictionary, keyboard charts and documentation.
         Build Alphabets
     Prefixes, Suffixes, and Conflicts
     Bad Words and Obscenities
3. Connecting and Translating
     Starting/Stopping Translation
     Screen Setup
     Timing and Responsiveness
     Screen Courtesy:  Block/Pass, Blank, and Positioning
4. Editing for AccuCap Users
     Screen Control from the Computer Keyboard
     Editing During Commercials
     Globals & Dictionary Additions/Changes
     Editing from the Steno Keyboard
5. Scripts
     Introduction to Scripts
     The National Anthem
     Adding Script Commands to Previously Written Text
     Creating Scripts from Imported Text
     Formatting and Positioning Commands in Scripts
     The Script List Manager
     Creating and Using Credits Files
Index of Video Presentations
Keyboard Charts
Obtaining Continuing Education Credits
     How to Obtain NCRA Continuing Education Credits
     Test 1: Multiple Choice - 25 Questions
     Test 2: True or False - 50 Questions
         Note:  Two tests are offered.  Take whichever one you prefer.
         You can even take both tests, but double credit is not available.