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About 2 hours of video presentations PLUS .3 NCRA Continuing Education Units!

Now in its 2nd Edition, this tutorial has been revised and expanded.  It shows you how to adjust your user settings and fine-tune your dictionaries so that, whatever your writing style, Total Eclipse can translate your numbers beautifully.

Please Note: This is for Eclipse versions 3 and 4.  All videos run from CD-ROM disks and can be played on your computer, even while Eclipse is being used.

How to get CEUs?  CLICK HERE

Tutorial Outline:
Audio/Visual Tips
How the Video Player Works

1. First Things First
A Quick Demo of Automatic Number Conversion
     Reporter-Compatible Software for All Writing Styles
     Adjust your System Before Adjusting your Writing
     Backup Before Going Forward

2. Fine-Tuning your Numbers Settings
     Process ‘And’ as a Number?
     Ignore Written Numbers?
     Digits? Written Out?
     Time Transcription
     Conversions Based on Number of Digits
     User-Defined Templates

3. Fine-Tuning your Dictionary
     Dictionary Essentials
     Dictionary Filtering
     Conversion Triggers, e.g., {#N} vs. {#G}
     Hyphens, Slashes, and Fractions
     International Currency
     Dictionary Build
         Basics for Number Bar Haters
         Basics for Number Bar Lovers
         Units of Measure
         International Currency

4. Troubleshooting
     5-miles instead of 5 miles?
     5,000 and 50 -- not 5,050?
     Digits turned into word numbers?
     A big number, but not Phone or Social Security?
     Globals, Conflicts, and Number Conversion After Translation

Obtaining Continuing Education Credits
     How to Obtain NCRA Continuing Education Credits
     Test 1: Multiple Choice - 25 Questions
     Test 2: True or False - 50 Questions
         Note:  Two tests are offered.  Take whichever one you prefer.
         You can even take both tests, but double credit is not available.